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Writers and Writing
Brittany the Book Slayer (Brittany)
Carrie Harris: Young Adult Author, Mad Scientist, and Monster Prom Chaperone (Carrie Harris)
Brooklyn Arden (Cheryl Klein)
Write On Target (Debra Schubert)
Young Adult Author Elana Johnson (Elana Johnson)
Unedited (Jen Daiker)
Jodi Hedlund, Author and Speaker (Jodi Hedlund)
Been Writing? (Jolene Perry)
Katie Anderson Books (Katie Anderson)
Kiersten Writes (Kiersten White)
Kirsten Hubbard: YA Author and Travel Writer (Kirsten Hubbard)
The Kody Keplinger (Kody Keplinger)
Kristen Lamb's Blog (Kristen Lamb)
Ten Stories Up (Lindsey Carmichael)
The Write Words (Lindsey Edwards)
Lisa and Laura Write (Lisa and Laura Roecker)
Paperback Writer (Lynn Viehl)
Meg Cabot (Meg Cabot)
The Innocent Flower (Michelle Davidson Argyle)
Author Michelle McLean (Michelle McLean)
Between Fact and Fiction (Natalie Whipple)
Neil Gaiman's Journal (Neil Gaiman)
Fiction Groupie (Roni Loren)
Rambling Rose (Rosemary Clement-Moore)
Steph Bowe's Hey! Teenager of the Year (Steph Bowe)
Hunting High and Low (Susan Bischoff)
Confessions from Suite 500 (Suzie Townsend)
Don't pet me, I'm writing (Tawna Fenske)
A Room of One's Own/ (Weronika Janczuk)

Write Anything
Time To Write
The Book Deal: An Inside View of Publishing
The Book Doctor
Flogging the Quill
The Plotmonkeys
Plot to Punctuation
Write To Done