Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random stuff in my purse

I was digging around in my purse tonight, and I realized that there's an almost alarming quantity of odd stuff in there. But then again, maybe it's not that odd.
- glasses
- three Post-It pads
- a vial of Satsuma/Vanilla perfume oil (in a Baggie to prevent leaking)
- a pack of gum
- two pairs of earphones
- a tin of Badger Headache Soother
- a ball of yarn attached to an in-progress armwarmer (with four knitting needles)
- a packet of stitch markers
- my inhaler
- lip gloss in a koozy (or coozie? Cozy?)
- a notebook and purple pen
- a stuffed lemur
- ten 12" pieces of ribbon

Oh, and my wallet and phone usually live in there, too.

Is any of that in your purse/briefcase/man bag/back pocket?


Beylit said...

I don't knit, so that isn't in my purse but normally my purse contains:
-measuring tape
-hem gauge
-two spools of thread (black and white)
-packet of sewing needles
-box of matches
-seam ripper
-pencils, pens, markers
-one leather bound notebook
-one composition book
-one mini composition book
-Writing Down the Bones
-Current book I am reading
-Burts Bees lip balm
-small salt shaker
-bits of elastic and bias tape
-sunflower seeds
-a protein bar

Of course that being said my purse was stolen not long ago so my replacement purse currently has lip gloss, a compact, and a pen in it.

Akers Toons said...

I am glad I don't carry a purse. Otherwise I would have all my carving knives, my dremel tool, a couple extention cords....... :)