Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Compliment Never Hurts

Last weekend I went out the Georgia Renaissance Festival for the first time.  It was kind of cool out, and rainy, and muddy, and I went alone.  I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy myself, but I figured that if I didn't, I could blame it on the crummy weather and just try again later with some friends.

I had a great time.

Since it was icky outside, it wasn't very busy.  I could walk around without bumping into people, which is always nice.  I didn't have to worry about being too hot.  I could take my time browsing the stalls and shops, and not worry about being in anyone's way.  It took the better part of four hours to make one circuit of the place, and that was without stopping everywhere.

The shows were entertaining, too - rather adult humor, even in front of kidlets, but since I had no kidlets along, I didn't really care ;)  I'd definitely like to go back and intentionally seek out some performances, rather than just stumbling upon them.

I actually spent about an hour at one shop, though I had planned to just ask a quick question and leave.  They sold boots, and I always have a heck of a time finding boots.  I have teeny, tiny little feet (I usually wear kids' shoes, and at best, a woman's 5), but big ol' calves from much tap dancing.  Trying to find boots is tough work.

So I stopped in, and looked.  The guy (Brian) told me that  I really needed to try the boots on to see how they fit.  And I did.  Rather, I let him put me into a boot.  And wow.  It was awesome.  Of course, the top edges just barely met, so if I get a pair, I'll have to special order them so they can be made wide enough, but still.  It was nice to see that I'm not that far off from the standard sizing.

What was even nicer, though, was when Brian asked to play dress-up with me. (And yes, that's what he called it.)  He disappeared into the back, and came out with an armful of things for me to try on - long leather vests, a corset-style vest, a coat, a wrap shirt - all made of such soft, lovely leather.

Even better than all the lovely things, though, was what he said to me: "You've got the body of a real woman.  That's an hourglass figure."

I think that might have been the best I've felt about myself in weeks.

So thanks, Brian.  You made my day. (Sorry I couldn't afford the $500 boots!)


Karen said...

Maybe when I win the lotto I will buy you some $500 boots :) Glad he made you feel good, that's a great compliment. Love ya!

Beylit said...

Being a ren fair performer (in Texas though I have been told that Georgia is a lovely festival) our favorite days tend to be rain days. It is of course normally cooler, and though the patrons are thin on the ground, the ones who show up typically are more willing to play since they voluntarily came out in the rain. At Scarborough we have to be careful though not to overload the patrons. We have a heavy emphasis on roaming lane characters, and if we all hit every patron we see on a rain day, that means pretty much each patron is going to get stopped by roughly 130 people in costume doing little bits and conversations with them. It is a bit overwhelming.

Also we get weird when the rain falls, which is just fun for everyone.

Most well made Ren boots range from $300 to $1200. I own a pair of Son of Sandlar 4 button boots that were roughly $300, and they are the most amazing things ever. Plus their soles are guaranteed for life. When you do faire all the time, and you wear the things 25 weekends a year on rough terrain and are constantly walking, $300 or even $500 is well worth it. Not a sales pitch, just how I justify buying expensive shoes for my hobby.

And lastly, I have always said, if you want to feel beautiful go to a ren faire. There is nowhere else in the world where people can honestly appreciate you for who you are and have no problem telling you that you are beautiful. In the real world I rarely feel I am pretty, at faire I am told by hundreds of strangers every day that I am beautiful, radiant, and breathtaking.

Joe Robinsmith said...

That was a very nice compliment.

I have to say, that's the type of shape I look for in a woman. Or I should say, used to look for, since meeting my lady I am not looking now.

Sounds like an awesome time, and fun to play dress up without worrying about having to go somewhere.

scgritsgal said...

Enjoyed reading your post, but when I came to the place where you wrote about your small feet, my eyes, ears and everything else perked up.

I too, have small feet and large calves. I have been forced to buy children's shoes for so many years and endured the humiliation of shop keepers laughing in my face because the only shoes that fit might be pink, blue, yellow, flowered or with Minnie Mouse on the toes.

Now, tell me, do we really need Minnie Mouse shoes?

Glad you enjoyed your outing despite the weather and received such a great compliment on a soggy, dreary day. We can all use a little sunshine once in a while.