Monday, September 19, 2011

A little bit of statistics

Okay, not real math-like statistical analysis stuff, because honestly, I don't like that sort much.  After dealing with it for my undergrad thesis, I'd rather ignore it until I have to do another thesis.

I do, however, love my blog stats! I've started using, and it makes me happy.  There are charts and graphs and lists, and it's all so pretty!

Did you know that, so far, 757 people have looked at my blog this month?  That's just... neat.

I also love the keyword analysis feature.  Of course, lots of people found me by searching for "something to write about" or some combination of those words, but there were some more... unusual search terms:
why does debbie macomber 311 pelican court spell terrible as Teribly
what's a diagram
HBP stands for
ending of one hour photo explained

Really? I swear, I don't remember writing a post explaining what a diagram is... How did you find me, blogglings?  Are you someone I know in real life?  Did you follow someone's link here?  Or were you the one looking for a diagram explanation?

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colbymarshall said...

Believe me, some of the searches that get people to my blog amaze me, too. I recently had one that landed there by searching "hot girls in costume" and it was because of a Guys and Dolls picture. Wtf.