Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crafting Update

I know, it's late... but I had to wait until we gave Lizzie her cake! It was a surprise, so I didn't want photos online until she had seen it. Look what I made:

She loved her ninja cake! Yay! This was my first attempt at a 3-D cake, and I don't think it turned out too badly at all.

In other crafting, I finished a water-bottle holder for Zoe's mom (modeled here by Lizzie):

And I finished my mom's scarf (modeled by Sleepy Bear):

I'm finished 35 squares for my picnic blanket. I need 96 squares of the light colour, 97 of the dark colour, and 14 each of two bi-coloured squares. So there's still a lot to go...

In non-photographed crafting, I did 15 rows on the sleeve of my spring/summer sweater, and I assembled a bed (with help from Zoe). I also made a crapload (or about a dozen) earrings, which I will be taking to work tomorrow to sell (I hope). I've made some earring/necklace sets lately, too. Two were for my mom, two for Zoe's mom, and one for Zoe's grandma. I'll try to get photos of them in their jewelry for the blog soon... but no guarantees! I also made a card for Lizzie's birthday.

So what's coming up for me craft-wise? More work on the picnic blanket, and more work on the sweater, for sure. I've got cake leftover from the ninja, so I'll probably do another cake. And I'm always working on earrings. I'm hoping to have enough dice-related earrings that I can sell them somewhere in the late summer or fall - they would be awesome for Dragon*Con, and there's a local fair in October that might be a possibility.

Can't wait for next week!

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