Thursday, April 22, 2010

Writing Progress


I've printed out HEA, and I've got to head up to an office supply store to get a good red pen. Or twelve. Once I've got that, I'll be hacking and slashing my way through to revise this puppy!

I've started revising Partners. I'm through Act I, but I need to do a lot of re-writing for Act II. Unfortunately, I'm a bit blocked, so I'm setting it aside for now. Usually, once I start to ignore something, I start getting more ideas for it.

I came up with an idea for a sequel to 2009's NaNovel: Thurman G. Woodfin and the Case of the Reposing Rival. I've written a blurb in my NaNotebook, and a little bit of an outline. It's going to rest, though, until November rolls around again.

I'm looking for readers for a short story that I'll be submitting in May - any volunteers? I've got two, and I'd like a few more. If you do volunteer, be prepared to offer constructive feedback (i.e. something more than "this sucks").

You know, I thought I would be pretty down about the state of my writing progress, but this isn't half bad!

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