Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun with Statistics!

Thanks to the stats feature on Blogger, I can tell you that:
  • I have FIFTY followers! Cool!
  • My blog had 27 pageviews yesterday.
  • My most-viewed post (with 336 pageviews) is this one.
  • I have had 925 pageviews so far this month, up from 770 in September
  • The most popular referring URL is, followed by this one (I don't get it.)
  • The most popular referring site is Google
  • The keywords that lead to my blog most often are "something to write about," followed by "peacock feathers" (Seriously, I don't get it.)
  • 72% of my readers come from the US, 8% from Canada, and 6% from the UK
  • I also have readers from India, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Finland, Taiwan, and Moldova
Of all of those numbers, I'm most excited to see that I have 50 followers!  Just the other day, I noticed that I had 45, and I wondered if I could get to 50 before the end of the year - I guess I have my answer!  That's more than double the number of followers I had four months ago.  On June 23, I got super-excited to have ended up with 25 followers, and I gave away some stuff.  Granted, only three people commented on that post, so I didn't give away much, but still...

In honor of all of you awesome people reading what I've written, I want to do another giveaway!  If you leave a comment on this post before midnight on Sunday, October 31, you can have your choice of one of the following:
  • A Tuesday fiction story with your name (or the name of your choice) as the main character
  • A crocheted critter (hamsterbean, plot bunny, or other creature) of your choice, mailed to you as soon as I manage to finish it
  • A review of a book/novella/short story of your choice (your own work or one you're thinking about reading) posted here on an upcoming Sunday.
Just leave a comment and your choice of prize!

Also, if I make it to 75 followers before the end of the year, I'll do a big giveaway - real books and/or movies and/or snacks and/or other cool stuff!


FranchiseSaysSo said...

Here's my comment Danielle and waaaay before the Sunday Halloween deadline. Also, I'm the first one. Congrats on your steadily increasing followership. I want my blog to be like yours when it grows up.

Karen said...

I want a crocheted animal... can you make a bear?? LOVE YOU. I miss you lots right now.

FranchiseSaysSo said...

Know your probably busy working on your NaNo novel but in return for my comment, I would like for you to review my story...yes again. Thanks.

Mythreyi said...
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Mythreyi said...

Im your 76th follower!!! :D :D
I love your writing, it's really cool! :)