Monday, April 11, 2011

Have I mentioned I don't like Mondays?

I started off my day heading to the dealership for brake issues.  Luckily, it wasn't anything major, and I managed to get it all fixed and get to work before 10.  Still, starting that late threw me off.  Then, I found out that the pager company had apparently left me messages that I never received last week, and when I tried calling back, I had to leave a message.  When I finally reached them (late in the afternoon!), they told me that they had discontinued pager service in our area.  Blah!  On the bright side, that meant that I got to turn the problem over to the boss lady.

I ended up with a huge pile of paperwork left on my desk at the end of the day, which will be waiting for me tomorrow.

I went to audition tonight, but because there were so many females auditioning, I didn't get a part.  Instead, I'll be stage managing, which I like, but which will keep me awfully busy.

I did get to talk to my sister tonight, which was awesome, but it was pretty much the only high point of my day.

I'm just feeling blah, and that has resulted in a very blah blog today.  Sorry, blogglings.  I'll try to have a better day tomorrow and Wednesday!


Cowboy Joe said...

That's the one thing about blogging that I find difficult. What if I don't have anything to say on a particular day? I've decided it's better to not blog and skip a day. Might make people miss me actually. However, that doesn't seem to work with only posting my poetry. When I did a personal blog, I had way more comments. So now I'm sticking in tidbits too. Still not every day though.

Karen said...

And talking with you was the highlight of my day/night as well. Because not even 15 minutes after I talked to you, the power went out in our entire neighborhood and I got to be scared in the dark by myself (well with Bella) until Paul got home and then woke up at 12:55am when the smoke detector went off signalling the power coming back on lol. I love you and I'm glad we got to talk for so long :)