Sunday, May 15, 2011


One arm bruise.

Two scrapes.

Three cuts (not scrapes, because they bled a teensy bit).

Four mosquito bites.

The result:

Check out the new grill!  It took a couple of hours, but my dad and I managed to assemble it ourselves!  And we even tried it out - it was perfect!  I'm pretty excited about trying it on my own sometime... to make pancakes.  Yes, pancakes.  My grill has a griddle.  It's made of awesome.


Karen said...

Super nice! Can't wait for pancakes on the bbq in maybe, October?? I think I'm gonna come down for a week then... possibly, it depends on how the babe is lol.

joe.robinsmith said...

Oh, I definitely think it's very very cool. And Pancakes on the BBQ? WAYYY COOL ! That's my Sunday morning tradition that's been going on for 16 years. Even after my ex and I split 6 years ago, I carried on, on the weekends when my kids are over. <3 this big time!

Joe Robinsmith said...

I used the wrong sign in for that comment, I was playing with my Google account. Sorry....