Thursday, September 4, 2008

Four days out...

I am now four days without internet access from home, and it’s killing me. I don’t have my own internet access, but Shane lives across the parking lot from me, and I’m using his. I’ve got an access point set up in my window, and it strengthens the signal that comes over from his place so my computers can connect wirelessly. Unfortunately, that magic box is dead. The blue light went red, then went out. Hence the lack of access.

I’m still writing, though, even if I can’t actually get this up online as I’m writing! The whole point of my blog was to write every day, and I’m doing that, even if other people can’t read it. My blog is not meant to be something that gets hundreds of hits and earns me tons of money because people can’t wait to see what glorious wonders spill from my fingertips each day. I’m not that good. ;)

Actually, what I miss most is comments. I love reading what other people say about my blog, especially my writing. And I miss making comments. I really enjoy flipping through the blog roll (over to your right! Go visit them! They’re all awesome!) and commenting on the craziness of my friends. *le sigh* It was supposed to get fixed today, but that is a no. Instead, we went out shopping and looking for stuff to finish the basement. Don’t get me wrong, that was a ton of fun (mmmmm… tools and stuff….), but I miss my internet.


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