Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's all about the Hat

It’s Jayne! I made myself a Jayne hat (although I have no pictures of me wearing it…), and I saw dozens of them at Dragon*Con. I decided to give you a montage, because it was just too cool – I started taking photos of all of them on Sunday afternoon. I should have started earlier! I will next year, though.

My favourite Jayne hat moment? I was waiting in line to get seats for the MST3K showing of “The Wasp Woman.” Matt and Penny were still in the food court, and I knew I’d be in line alone for a while, so I brought the hat (I started it in the car on the way to D*C) to work on. I got more photos taken of me knitting than I did during any other part of the con! And someone commented that he loved my costume – “Jayne’s mom.”

This guy is the first guy that I ran into on the day that I wore my Jayne hat: he was in the elevator with me as I went down to the main floor, and he commented on my "nice hat." Hey, you gotta stick together!

This is the only guy who gave me a pose when I asked if I could take his picture - but he was all-out dressed as Jayne, not just sporting the hat.

I critiqued a lot of the Jayne hats that I saw, trying to figure out what sort of changes I could make to my pattern to make it better. I learned from this specimen that pale hats just look like toques.

My friend Miller, wearing my Jayne hat!
Possibly my favourite costume of the Con - she didn't wear Jayne's hat, she WAS Jayne's hat!!

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Mitzi said...

I LOVE MST3K! My dad and I used to watch it every Saturday when it would come on in the mornings!