Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I can haz internetz!

Look look look!  I have internet!!!!

Yes, I have my internet connection back!! And it's working!!  We bought new boxes (apparently the magic internet boxes are called bridges), and got them hooked up last weekend.  All last week, the connection was spazzy, only staying up for about 30 seconds at a time in the evenings.  I could barely load a single webpage, much less surf the net or blog.  But the bridges have worked out their differences, I suppose, and I'm back in action!!

It's going to be a bit strange, I think, blogging again.  I've been writing, and it's great, because I've managed to get some work done on several other projects, and I've been doing a lot more reading and crocheting (look forward to seeing stuff for sale on Etsy soon!), but I haven't been doing any of this at the computer.  Two of my three big writing projects are hand-written, which makes them a bit more difficult to do, in that I still can't write for long periods of time (see story below), but more rewarding, in a way, because it takes more effort to write longhand.  I'm also plotting for NaNo again.  I just found out that this year, I'm a Municiple Liason!  Roughly translated, I'm a cat-herder, helping to organize all the parties and write-ins, and trying to motivate everyone else in the group, while still writing a novel of my own.  Good thing I can multitask!

So why can't I write for long periods of time?  I'm glad you asked!  Back in my first year of University, I had an injury.  I tore ligaments in my wrist.  How?  I'm glad you asked!  I was tap dancing.  Yes, tap dancing led to a wrist injury.  I was doing pickups for the first time, overbalanced, and FOOSHed (Fall On OutStretched Hand, for those of you who aren't in AT (for those of you who don't get that abbreviation either)).  It hurt like crazy, and the next morning, I could barely move without crying.  I went up to the sports medicine clinic, and came home with a cast, because they couldn't tell if it was broken or not.  My parents were a little sheepish, since they had told me that I should just take some Tylenol and put some ice on it.  In any case, it was my right hand (and I'm right-handed), so I couldn't write then (obviously).  It healed very slowly - I went for several x-rays, a bone scan, an MRI... finally, they decided it was the ligaments, and I got into physio.  It was an uphill battle to get better.  For the rest of my University career, I used the special needs centre at the Uni to take my exams, because I simply couldn't hold a pen long enough to write two, three, or more essays at a time, and the special needs centre was the only place that I could use a computer to type my exams.  To this day, I have to be careful if I'm going to be doing something strenuous for long periods of time - I can't write for too long at once, and I have to take frequent breaks when I'm knitting or crocheting.  

So that's the story of why I can't write!  Stay tuned for more bloggy goodness!


colbymarshall said...

Hooray for internet.

KarenElizabeth said...

Welcome back to the blog world... I have missed you and your fun stories greatly.

MJ said...

Yippee! Glad to see you back!