Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The parade

Three days without internet access from home. This sucks. I have so much to post about and with! Dragon*Con was awesome, and I took about 200 photos. Today’s episode: The parade!

The Jedis... there were a TON of Star Wars fans.
Two Leias... and the closer one was the least-appropriately-sized one I saw at the Con this year - I'm VERY happy about that!
So many Kaylies! (From Firefly)
The Browncoats - I've been invited to join them next year if I have any desire to sew a costume!
The Pez dispensers
The cardboard box Storm Troopers

It was a remote-controlled car, and a cool one at that!
Mad scientists - my kind of people!
I don't know what it was, but it was HUGE!!!
Mmm, zombies....
The Jayne hat!

Chinese dragons! They had three of them in the parade, and it was awesome!
Some sort of anime character. Anime is not my thing, so I have no idea who it is.
A man on a dragon!
I don't know what she was... but she was in the parade!
A kid on a dragon - it was cool and cute.

One of the Cruxshadows fairies
Cookie Monster! Dragon*Con embraces ALL fandom
I think these were the Monarch's henchmen... a few steps after this photo, they found a guy dressed like the Monarch in the crowd, and pulled him into the parade.
The 300... for the college jocks who are also geeks
More half-naked men. I still think the "300 pounds" costumes from last year were funnier.

The Harry Potter section! You can see Hogwarts students, and the tree...
More Potterverse.
The Nintendo folks, though again, I don't recognize most of them.
More Nintendo stuff... they're some sort of twin... Matt knew who they were and told me, but I've since forgotten.

It's Gingy!
The guy from that Disney movie! I can't remember who he is, or what the movie is, but I think he turns into a llama at some point... The Emperor's New Groove! That's the movie!
A whole pile of superheroes... I'm not enough of a geek, so I could only identify a few, like Superman. And Supergirl?
More from the superheroes, only I don't know who they are.
And more superheroes!

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Mitzi said...

Yay for Muppets!

Yay for the Emperor's New Groove! I love that movie!