Monday, November 3, 2008

I wanna puke.

I think that the genre of music referred to as 'love songs' needs to change its name.

I work as a surgical scrub technician, which means I'm the gal who hands instruments to the doctor in the operating room ("Scapel!"  "Yes, doctor!").  It also means that, once I'm sterile, I can't touch anything or leave the OR.  With some doctors, it's not that bad.  With the one I'm usually with, it's torture.  Why?  Because he insists on listening to the "Love Songs" XFM station during surgery.  The two operating rooms (and in fact, the entire ambulatory surgical center) are all on the same sound system, so everyone has to listen to his choice of music.  All morning.

After listening to four hours (yes, four straight hours) of love songs today, I realized that very few of them are the sort of song that you would play for someone with whom you are in love.  If you start listening to the genre, you'll realize that these 'love songs' should really be called 'creepy stalker songs.'  At least half of the songs that played this morning were from the point of view of someone who had been dumped and couldn't manage to get over their 'true love.'  It was just... ick.  If I played any of those songs for my SO, he'd have a restraining order against me in a heartbeat!

And on a related note, do you remember, several years ago, there was a big controversy over the song "How Do I Live (Without You)"? (Big is a relative term, of course.)  The question was whether the LeAnn Rimes version or the Trisha Yearwood version should be included on a movie soundtrack (bonus points if you know which movie it was!).  The folks in charge decided that Trisha's version should be included, because at 15, LeAnn was too young to understand the emotion behind that song.  As I listened to it at work today, I realized that LeAnn's version should have made it!  Why?  Because that horrible, desperate love is totally typical of a fifteen-year old!

And that's why I wanna puke today.