Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ah, the theatre!

I showed up at the theatre for tech rehearsal on Sunday, and was immediately asked if I could please run the sound board, as there was no one available that the directors trusted.  That was a pretty nice vote of confidence!  Of course, it's been years since I've run sound of any sort... and I don't think I've ever run musical theatre sound before... so it's an adventure!

So I'm playing with the unlimited authority that comes along with being a stage manager, and the unlimited feedback that comes with running a sound board... I've realized that I need to go on line and do some research about this particular type of soundboard to figure out just what everything does, but I've been told that I'm doing well so far.

Of course, all this work comes after work, so I'm getting, like, five hours of sleep a night by the time I get home and take the puppy out and get things ready for tomorrow and finally get into bed... so the next few blogs may kind of suck.  But I'm planning to write a bit more of "Take Five", and I'll probably throw in some random prompts, too!  Look out for more writing!

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