Saturday, March 27, 2010

Creative juices starting to simmer

I can feel it. Just below the surface of my mind, there's a story brewing.

I love that feeling. I don't quite know what it is yet. My subconscious is working on it, creating something, getting it ready for my conscious mind. Is it odd, that I recognize that? Any sort of story that I write, I come up with before I consciously work on it.

I'm hoping that I might figure out a better ending for "Partners"... I want to finish it so badly. I've re-written Act I, moving some things around, and I'm much happier with where intermission falls. However, while I know what needs to happen in Act II, I'm having a hard time getting there. I need a more defined ending than I had at first. In the first several drafts, the play ended with a rather... vague ending. The two MCs had been working on their problem, but it wasn't truly resolved. They basically said they would work on it. As much as I like that ending artistically, leaving it up to the audience to decide if they lived happily ever after or not, it's very unsatisfying to the audience. If you've just sat through an hour or two, investing some interest in these two characters, and you get a wishy-washy ending, you're going to be unhappy.

There's another story that I'm hoping is brewing: Meliora's story. If you want to browse back and look at the stories, I apologize - they're going to be removed in the next few days. I don't really like to remove blog posts, but I've reworked the stories I've already written, and I'm going to submit them to a magazine, but they require first e-publication rights and request that the work not be available anywhere else online. If I don't get accepted, the posts will go back up. Aside from the few bits I've written about Meliora, I want to write some more about her. I don't really have a full definition of what kind of a creature she is. I mean, she's definitely not a vampire, although she does have some vampiric traits. She works with fog in some way, and she feeds off of people, although not physically... I need to figure out just what she is. If she doesn't fit into any sort of already-established creature type, I'll need to define her more emphatically and name her type. I can't wait to work on that one!

Of course, it may be something else entirely! Maybe I'll just get back into blogging every day!

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