Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soon, muffin, soon.

Only eight more days. Eight days until the next show opens. Then only ten days until I'm done until October. Yes, October. I have the next three shows off. Granted, I've still got two major projects to work on at the theatre, but I'll only be going about once a week, instead of every night. I think it will be much more relaxed. No, I know it will be much more relaxed.

I'm looking forward to my free time. I've had very little of that since the beginning of the winter holiday season started. I did some travelling, but I've spent TONS of time at the theatre. On the bright side, I feel as if I have learned even more about directing, if only through more of a 'what NOT to do' approach.

More importantly, I'm looking forward to re-writing 'Partners.' I've got a pile of critiques sitting in my closet (literally), and a pile of ideas in my head. I'm going to get this thing done. It's going to be awesome. It's not there yet. I know it, and everyone who's read it knows it. But they've also all told me that it's going to be good, and I know that too. I can't wait.

Eight days.

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