Thursday, March 4, 2010


So yeah... I've been AFB for a while...

I don't expect that anyone particularly missed me, of course, but if you did, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for my return! After a year of almost-continuous blogging, I found it very, VERY tempting to just stay away for a little while. And, of course, life got in the way, too. I've been back at the theatre, and that's kept me out until wee hours of the night (and by wee hours, I mean 10 - but that's pumpkin time when I have to work the next morning!). There's been some drama amongst my group of friends, so I've been listening a lot. There's been wonderful piles of Ted-and-Zoe goodness to keep me happy. There's been a puppy to cuddle in my [limited] spare time. There's been a trip to New Orleans!

So it's not as if I've just been slacking, really. I just haven't been blogging.

Part of it is that I'm not entirely sure what I want to write. I've been looking at submitting a story to Silver Blade, and I think that has made me really apprehensive about writing. If I think about it logically, that's really kind of ridiculous, because the story that I want to submit is finished. I wrote it, edited it, had people read it, tweaked it, and now it's sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me to figure out what to do next. Its success or failure is completely independent of any new writing that I might do, but I'm still almost paralyzed.

Another part of it is the need that I have to finish Partners. It's the play that I've been writing over the past two years, and I was really happy with it when I finished it. Then I gave it to someone else to read, and while he liked what was there, he told me that it wasn't enough to produce. I needed more. There were characters whose stories were unfinished. There were places where there needed to be more conflict and emotion. It felt unfinished to him. I really like and respect this person, and I took his comments to heart, especially because he was so enthusiastic about the whole thing. However, I'm not sure how to finish it now, because I had thought it was finished.

So right now, my writing isn't so much writing as it is thinking about and agonizing over writing. Or blogging to avoid other writing. Maybe I'll get over myself. Or maybe my head will explode and I won't have to worry about it.


Heather said...

Maybe, if you have time, consider working on your script during script frenzy? I doubt you'd be able to commit to writing 100 pages, but hey, might be motivation enough to get working on it.

MJ said...

Everyone takes breaks from blogging (I mean, seriously, I have gotten a bit ridiculous about it lately), but usually there is a good excuse.