Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Before he even opened his eyes, Sean knew it was a Monday.  Not just because yesterday had been Sunday, but because it felt like a Monday.  No, not just a Monday... a MONDAY.

There is a substantial difference between a Monday and a MONDAY, Sean thought to himself, his eyes still squeezed shut.  A Monday was just another day, albeit a bit suckier than the others because it involved going back to work.  A MONDAY, though... the air seemed different on a MONDAY.  The possibility of disaster seemed almost palpable.

It had been several weeks since Sean had experienced a MONDAY.  Last week, he had enjoyed an uneventful Monday, and the week before had actually been rather pleasant, with a dinner party and relaxed conversation.  He supposed that he was due for one...

With a sigh, Sean opened his eyes.  The early morning light was brightening his bedroom, and despite the feeling of MONDAY in the air, everything seemed normal.  He sat up, stretching and yawning.  As he swung his legs down to stand up, Sean was greeted by an audible 'squelch.'

"Oh, for crying in the sink," Sean muttered, looking down to see the large wet patch on his carpet.  His dog's tail stuck out from her hiding spot under the bed.  "Yeah, definitely a MONDAY."


Jolene Perry said...

I love your writer's voice. You put me right in the moment.

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