Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nice? Yeah, not so much...

"Freaking soda industry," the small figure muttered in the darkness.  She crept down the dark alley, her wings occasionally sparkling in a stray shaft of light.  She was hunched over, trying to be inconspicuous.  Her dress used to be white, but it was dingy and torn.  Her once radiant golden ringlets hung limply from her head and she scowled.

She paused under the light of a streetlamp, pulling something out from a pouch at her waist.  Quickly, she began to whittle a point on the end of a toothbrush.  Once satisfied with the sharpness of the point, she put away her knife and resumed her slink towards the large truck at the end of the alley.

"*$#^% Coke and Pepsi," she muttered again.  "I'll show you, freakin' jerks."

With a swift motion, she punctured the front tire of the truck with the sharpened toothbrush.  She moved on to the next one, then the others.  Stealing away in the dark, the figure finally smiled as she muttered to herself, "That'll teach you to mess with innocent kids' teeth.  The Tooth Fairy always gets the last laugh."


Anonymous said...

I loved this short fiction piece. Thank you for sharing it.



FranchiseSaysSo said...

Short but very good. You cease to amaze me with your work. Also very funny...pissed off Tooth Fairy, lol.