Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I want to scratch my eyeballs out of my head

I have allergies.

This isn't, like, news to me.  I've had allergies for most of my life.  And actually, the older I get, the more I seem to develop, which seems totally unfair, since the rest of the world apparently outgrows allergies with age.

Somehow, I managed to avoid most of the pollen issues that everyone seems to have in this area for my first three springtimes.  Unfortunately, this year, it's getting to me.  I'm having a hard time telling, though, if it's true allergies, or just due to the ridiculous levels of pollen in the air.  Every morning, my red car looks yellow.  And I've washed it twice in the last week.

In any case, my eyes are so itchy tonight that I can barely keep them open, so I'll be retiring now to listen to audiobooks and knit some dishcloths (because I can - and will - literally knit those with my eyes closed), and I'll try not to rub my eyes too much.

Man, if only I didn't spend my days working with eyes and knowing how bad it is to rub at them!

Day 5:
Section A: 10/10 rows complete
Section B: 62/90 rows complete
Section C: 0/111 rows complete
Section D: 0/90 rows complete
Section E: 0/10 rows
Balls of yarn used up: 2
Total length: 10.5 inches
Percentage complete: 23%


Jolene Perry said...

SO sorry!
I didn't get allergies until I got older. I joke that I got them from my husband. Sucks...

Also, you knitters amaze me. I stick to my sewing machine...

Cowboy Joe said...

I developed allergies about five years ago. Last year they weren't so bad, but we had a bad winter and wet spring. So far this year I'm fine, but it's early still. I'm sorry you're suffering.

Hessed Joy said...

Hope you get better soon. :)