Monday, March 14, 2011

Turn signals and other options

I realize that some people are busy.  I realize that not everyone feels that they have time to do everything that they want to do.


Some things are not options.  Like turn signals.  Using a turn signal to indicate your intention to change lanes or turn a corner is the law, people.  IT'S THE LAW!  So when you suddenly swerve in front of me without using your signal, don't get all huffy when I honk at you because you almost hit me.  It's YOUR fault, Mr.-I-don't-think-traffic-laws-apply-to-me.

Also, when you run a VERY red light (as in two other cars went through the red light before you did), don't give ME a dirty look for almost getting hit by your crazy-driving-ass!

/end rant.


Cowboy Joe said...

You tell 'em....

Jennifer said...

Turn signal neglect has to be one of my top pet peeves!