Sunday, August 14, 2011

A bump in the road

I was doing so well! I was writing almost every day, and getting close to the 5k mark.  And then...

Are any of you superstitious or OCD?  I started writing this story by hand, and I feel the need to finish the same way, at least this draft.  It's just how I need to write.  If I start by hand in a green notebook with my black Sarasa pen, I need to finish it in green notebooks with black Sarasa pens.  

Unfortunately, I dropped my pen in the car last week, and it's hiding under one of the seats.  I don't know which seat.  And it's been flipping hot out, so I didn't really want to sit outside, digging around in my car.  But!  It's a weekend, it's early (and therefore not so blazing hot) AND I finally got my garage clean enough to get my car inside, so after I finish this post, I'm going to go recover my pen and start writing again!

On the bright side, not writing things out has given me a chance to play around with things in my head, and I probably have another 3-4k ready to come out.  Yay!

Do any of you have these sorts of quirks, Blogglings?  I know writers can be a very... quirky kind of people!


Marlena Cassidy said...

Oh no, your pen! I hate when I drop anything in the seats of the car. I have to stop and fish it out no matter what I'm doing.

As for writing, I have to take off any jewelry that's on my hands or wrists. I write on a laptop, so I don't like having things click against the plastic. And the rings distract me. So off they go, and then I forget to put them back on and lose them.

K.D.Storm said...

I am like Marlena when it comes to jewerly on my hands and arms. I also like to have my candles going and certain background noise going to get that little writing thing going on in my head. I also do my best when I have my writing app. Those are the only things I really can think of as far as quirks go.

Danielle said...

Ah, yes, jewelry! I have to take off my watch, for sure, and it depends on the day whether or not I take off my rings.