Saturday, December 17, 2011

You know what helps your Christmas cards get delivered?

Putting them in the mailbox.

Yeah, it turns out that if you just leave them sitting on your dining room table, they stay there. For some reason, the postman is reluctant to come inside and shuffle through the piles of paper on the table to find the cards. Can't imagine why.

So today, I finally got the cards into the mail. You know, the cards I made in October? Yeah. So much for being prepared ahead of time.

But the cards are in the mail! And with luck, most of them will arrive before Christmas.


aliciamarie911 said...

I did that last year. My husband and I had pictures taken and made cards to send. Once our cards were made, I stuffed envelopes for a few hours, licked stamps and wrote addresses on the envelopes. I sat the cards on our piano to be mailed out the following monday....well, the husband put mail on top of the cards for days, and I never saw them again until after the new year when we were doing deep cleaning in our house... At least you actually got yours in the mail!

Kalae said...

i scanned blogs tonight after my post. we talked about the same thing, check out wiseupmom.I have to share,loved your simple truth. k

evil_derrick said...

This is so true lol.

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abbie said...

I remember having Easter cards WELL in advance, then feeling bad when the holiday rolled around and I hadn't gotten anyone a card! (DUH I'd completely forgotten that they existed.) Lovin' your blog. Come see mine when u get a minute!