Friday, August 14, 2009

Angry sex scene? No problem!

I did it! I blocked and directed my way through the second love scene in the show (which is actually first, chronologically, but the second to be completed)!

It wasn't bad at all, actually. It'll be better once the actors are reading their own lines and not being coached through, but this was their first time doing the scene, and we had two others reading the lines so that the two in the scene could concentrate on the physicality. It worked really well, and I'm happy with it. The big problem is that we don't have a bed, so that makes it awkward when one climbs onto the bed and straddles the other. But once we got past that, the fighting looked good, the kiss looked awesome, and the unbuckling of the belt was great.

Best of all? All of the couples have done their kiss at least once, so they've got past the awkward 'should we do this or just mark it?' place. YAY!

And now I'm the only one not getting a kiss at rehearsal. :(

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