Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New ideas, no time

I dreamt my next plot! Last night, I dreamed an entire play. It was awesome. I want to write it. I NEED to write it. But I have no time!

Just so I don't forget, the working title is 'Always a Bridesmaid' and there's one MC, and several supporting characters who come in and out. The MC speaks directly to the audience a lot, but then interacts with the others who come on.

If I can manage, between everything else I have going on, I'm going to write an outline sometime this week. I love notepad... a script and coding can look identical to anyone walking past!


Sharla said...

I do the same thing... I can manage to look very busy at work while actually writing. LOL!

Good luck!

Kevin Atteridg said...

Well, I hope it goes just as you plan, and better!