Saturday, August 22, 2009

Feeling good

"Dinner with Friends" is making me less nervous now. Rehearsals have been going well without my presence (from what I've heard), and today, we worked in the new performance space. "New?" you ask. Yes, that's right. With less than two weeks to go, we've switched venues. The show had originally been scheduled to take place at Theatre Dublin, which has about 300 seats. There was no way we'd sell that out. We've now moved to One21, which holds 75-100, depending on the arrangement of seats, and there's a much better chance of us selling out. Even better, we can actually have alcohol present... and given the number of scenes with half-full wineglasses, this is a good thing. Nobody was really looking forward to sipping at something that looks like wine but tastes like, well, coloured water.

And I managed to make everyone laugh (again) with the no-nonsense way I speak when I call for a mid-scene start. Tonight's favourite call? "Let's take it from 'Prick, bitch (spit) ballbreaker' again, please." That's also my Facebook status. :)

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