Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes, that's a wall lined with aluminum foil.  Six rolls, plus the better part of two rolls of duct tape.  Why?  All in good time, mes amis!  But if you want a hint, go visit Colby...

So the foil was today's project... earlier this week, I worked on my sister's blanket, and I've got less than half a ball of yarn to go.

I'm going to pick up the rest of the yarn for Rachel's baby blanket this week, since she now knows that she's having a boy.  I've switched a project - one of the girls at work saw the blanket that I was thinking about finishing and giving to Karen, but she fell in love with it.  Now, the purple/blue blanket is designated for Angela.  Karen is going to get a white/confetti feather and lace pattern blanket, which I'm in the middle of working on now.

Also, I made cheesecake!  It was awesome!  It weighed over three pounds... just a little rich!

I think that was all - for me, it was a slow craft week.  Of course, every time I say that, someone else rolls their eyes and tells me that I did a ton of stuff.  We'll see what next week brings!