Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hugs & Kisses

"'Hugs & Kisses'."  Ally read the words on the back of the small envelope out loud.  "Hugs and kisses?"

"Let me see that," Jessica said, taking the envelope from Ally.  "'Hugs & Kisses.' Huh.  Wonder why that's on the outside?"

"Hey!" Ally protested.  "I haven't even opened the envelope yet!"

"And you're taking way too long," Jessica said, opening it herself as Ally made a grab for it.  "'Dear Ally,'" she started reading.

"Give me that!"  Ally lunged at Jessica again, finally wrestling the little card from her friend's hand.  "Look, now it's wrinkled."

"You should have opened it faster," Jessica said, grinning.

Ally glared at her, but it quickly dissolved into a smile.  After all, it was pretty damn hard to glare when you had just received a bouquet of flowers.  She cleared her throat.  "'Dear Ally'," she began. "'I just wanted to brighten up your office a bit.  I know flowers make you smile, and your smile lights up the room.  Sam.'"

"Aw!"  Jessica squealed.  "He's so sweet!"

Ally grinned.  "I know.  Think I should keep him?"

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