Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Something in the water

Kelly sighed softly as she wiggled her feet.  Her toes stuck out of the water at the far end of the bathtub, but she could barely make out the shape of her feet, much less her legs.  The water was cloudy, a shade of white that reminded her of a horror movie she had seen as a child.

Fortunately, Kelly knew that she wasn't in some psycho horror flick - she was just in agony. Yesterday, while she was out hiking in the woods near her house, she had stumbled into a patch of poison ivy.  She had, quite literally, stumbled into it as she tripped over a root that protruded above the surface of the path.  If she were being honest with herself, Kelly had to admit that going out hiking alone was one of the more stupid ideas she had ever had.  After all, she couldn't think of anyone more likely to do something like fall into a patch of poison ivy.

There was nothing to be done about it now, though.  While she wouldn't try hiking out there alone again, Kelly was stuck with the itchy consequences of her actions.  She had slathered on calamine lotion as soon as she got home, completely forgetting everything that she had been taught about poison ivy.  The calamine lotion had helped a bit, but by neglecting to wash off the area first, Kelly had managed to spread the rash over even more of her legs.

So tonight, she was taking her mother's advice.  Kelly had drawn a tepid bath, and dumped a liberal helping of oatmeal into the water.  The cool water had felt very pleasant against her legs, and the weird, gooey consistency of the oatmeal-water was soothing.  Sure, it made the water all murky and creepy, but it felt so good that Kelly didn't mind.  Besides, who was going to see her in a bathtub of porridge?

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