Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The cat

As Carver walked back into the house, Meliora watched through the fog, a scowl on her face.

"You're no fun," she muttered as she turned away.  Without Carver to play with, she was going to have to find someone else.  The fog started to lift as she walked down the street, keeping her eyes open for anyone else who might be outside.  Unfortunately, with the sun starting to set, most people had gone in for the evening.

Meliora scowled, her footsteps turning into irritated stomps as she walked along.

A hiss from the shadows caught her attention.  Meliora's eyes narrowed as she saw the orange cat, its fur raised as it stared at her.  Meliora didn't like cats.  Cats definitely didn't like Meliora.  Still, she thought, there wasn't another soul to be found...

The fog started to roll in again, faster than it had the last time.  The cat's back arched higher still, and it hissed again.  Meliora hissed back at it, and the cat backed up.  The fog was so thick that anyone else would have been blinded.  Meliora, however, stared steadily at the cat.  The cat struggled, unable to move through the suddenly-thick air.

Meliora reached out her hand towards the cat, pointing at it.  The fog swirled around her finger, then moved towards her, as if drawn in by some sort of vacuum.  The cat hissed wildly for a moment, then stopped, its body sagging.  Meliora withdrew her finger, and the fog slowly lifted.  The cat slumped to the ground, its chest rising and falling as it struggled to breathe.

"You'll be fine," Meliora said, rolling her eyes.  "You've got eight more lives."

Feeling much better, she strolled back towards the house, a light trail of fog following behind her.

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FranchiseSaysSo said...

Your work is intriguing and mind-bending while others are pretty funny. I like it and look forward to whenever you write fiction. Normally I wouldn't ever ask, but I would very much value your opinion on a fiction piece that I've began working on that kind of came out of nowhere. Sort of. Usually I write about movies but decided to try something else. Thanks in advance.

Danielle said...

Thank you! I've been reading your story as you've been posting it, but I'll go back and comment on it, too.