Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random free stuff!

Apologies for missing my post yesterday - it was a crazy day, and I ended up being out super-late. However, today's post might make up for it!

Yesterday, one of the ladies at work gave me a bottle of wine as a thank-you for helping her with an uber-project (started on Jan 3, finished on Wednesday!). It was really sweet of her, and totally unexpected. Then another one of the ladies came in and dropped off a book for me. It was a book of knitting patterns, and it was a 'just because' thing - she saw it and thought of me.

That totally rocked! I love random free stuff!

And I'll be that a lot of you like random free stuff, too! So today, I'm gonna pay it forward and give away random free stuff. If you comment on today's post before midnight next Saturday (February 5th), you'll be entered in a draw for a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card!

How's it going to work?  Next weekend, after midnight on Saturday, I'll use a random number generator to pick from the comments on this post.  I'll announce the winner here, and then I'll email you to figure out the details of how to get your prize to you.  Sound good?  I hope so!

Happy commenting!


Brad Jaeger said...

Oooh, sounds fun!


Cowboy Joe said...

It's kind of funny. I was bored this morning, started clicking Next Blog at the top of my blog. Lots of very Christian blogs, quite a few attorney blogs, then finally another writer. Thank God I thought. Then I clicked on the facebook icon and Liked you there too because your writing was interesting.
So now you show up there as well. Which is cool because it lets me know you've written something new.