Monday, January 10, 2011

What I Did on the Weekend

I finally got to see Savannah! I'd been there before, but I was helping a friend move, so all I saw was the inside of his old apartment and the inside of his new apartment.  This weekend, I saw the Hyatt (and a dance competition where Colby and Will rocked!), and then we wandered up and down River.  It was a pretty standard tourist area, but it was still cool.  Also, I learned that none of the little gift shops sell Kleenex.  And we found the really cool echo-square.

Since we were already out that far, and there was still plenty of gas in Ruby, we drove up to Hilton Head (because I'd never been to South Carolina, either).  I got my butt kicked by a traffic circle (another first for me!), but I managed to get it figured out by the second one I reached.  I also managed to drive over several bridges without hyperventilating, so yay!

Unfortunately, that plague I was talking about on Friday?  Yeah, it's been kicking my ass.  I've got to say, the moment of my fever breaking was a really cool experience... messed up, but cool.  I was more than a little delirious, I think.  Still feeling like crap today, but we got a snow day at work.  This is a good thing - it means that I can take a sick day tomorrow, without feeling guilty.  Of course, given how I feel, guilty was probably not going to happen anyway.

I'm off to continue recuperating - be glad that you can't catch this plague from a computer screen!


K.D. Anderson said...

Hope you get to feeling better! I'm glad to have found your blog :)

chelsea said...

Nice post! I also wish for you to feel better. Keep on posting.

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