Monday, January 31, 2011

Great Expectations

I know that I'm an over-achiever.  I'm also pretty hard on myself, and after yesterday, I think I may have to lower my expectations.

Here's the deal: on Sunday evening, I was lamenting the fact that I hadn't accomplished anything all weekend.  I thought about it for a minute, then realized that I did get some stuff done.  I wasn't sure if it was enough, though, so I sat down and made a list.

  • baked and frosted a cake
  • vacuumed (with some help!)
  • washed one load of dishes
  • washed, dried, and folded four loads of laundry
  • hemmed curtains (which are, like, a mile long and curvy)
  • made a sample scrub cap from two different patterns that I sort of merged into one
  • wove in ends and finished eight dishcloths
  • made french toast 
  • went grocery shopping
  • went to dance rehearsal (about 2 hours)
  • went to theatre rehearsal (about 4 hours)
  • ripped four cds to my computer and updated my music software
  • took Mia to the dog park (more on that later!)
  • changed my sheets
  • changed my nailpolish
  • took out the garbage
And all that is in addition to hanging out with my SO and going out to eat a couple of times.  When I sat down and looked at that list, I realized that I did a lot.  A LOT!  Especially considering that I had two rehearsals, plus an hour or so at the dog part, plus shopping.

So maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself.  I think the problem is that I keep looking at all of the things are still left to do, unfortunately.  But I'm going to work on it, because I'm tired of feeling like I'm not good enough.  Wish me luck!


unwashedflyer said...

you're lucky you can actually remember what you have done because i couldn't.

what is an so?

Danielle said...

"SO" stands for "Significant Other" - trying to protect the identities of the not-so-innocent ;)