Monday, February 14, 2011


I had a great post all planned for tonight, but it fell out of my head.  I have a good excuse, though - I've misplaced my phone.

I went to send a text message, and my phone wasn't in the outside pocket of my purse.  Or the inside pocket.  Or the back pocket.  Or the big main part.  Or my jacket pocket.  Or my uniform pockets.

Now, I remember checking my messages just before the end of the day, because I got stuck at work late. I suspect I may have set my phone down on my desk and just forgotten it there in my rush to get the heck out of there before I got asked to do something else.

Unfortunately, my whole evening has been sort of overtaken by this whole missing-phone-thing.  I'm actually quite worried about tomorrow morning, because I use it as my alarm.  I'm hoping I don't oversleep... because even if I do, I can't call my boss to let her know!

Yeesh.  This sucks.  Stupid no-phone.


Anonymous said...

You know, i'm just as dumb. My instinct was to tell you I'd call to wake you up if your alarm was gone.

Cowboy Joe said...

That's unfortunate. Love the comment that blogginginthedark left too. Perfect counterpoint to your "can't even call the boss" line.

Jolene Perry said...

Wow. Sucks.
Last time I lost my phone, I had 700 dollars in phone charges to someone calling east asia. No kidding.
Hope you get up on time...

Danielle said...

I found it! And no charges to East Asia, thankfully!

mhei said...

wow.. thankfully! :) love ur blog, miss! :)