Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Woman on the Edge!


You know how on Monday I talked about how I do too much?  Yeah.  I was right.  And while I enjoy being right, the thing that I'm right about kind of sucks.

Because I have, like, eighty bajillion other things that HAVE to get done (i.e. they have deadlines between now and Sunday), tonight's blog is going to be the thing on the list that gets short shrift.

To all of my blogglings out there, I apologize.  I don't think there are many of you out there who are hanging on my every word, waiting impatiently for my next post, but if you are - well, cool!  And I'm really sorry that I'm not more useful tonight.

I'm off to cross more stuff off my list, so that hopefully Friday's blog will be filled with less suck and more Yay!

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