Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little to the Right

I walked outside with a friend tonight, and as we stepped out, she exclaimed, "Shit, it's raining!" - which is exactly what I was thinking.

Except it wasn't.

As we stepped out from under the awning, we didn't get wet.  Not even a little sprinkle.  But we could clearly hear the rain.  We looked around and realized that it was raining.  To our right.  About five feet to our right.

That was just weird.  Weather is made of crazy this year, I think.  How about you, blogglings?  Any crazy weather just to your right lately?


Song Sparrow said...

That would have been cool to see!

Cowboy Joe said...

Too cool

Christy Smith said...

It is wild how things tend to happen. I find moments like these to be mystical and interesting. I wish I had a current one to share, but I thank you for sharing yours.

Simone said...

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