Friday, February 25, 2011

I won something!

That's right, I won!  My writing got me a prize!  That's the big secret I've been keeping for, like, a month.  It wasn't some big (or little) writing-related prize, though, but that's not the important thing.

I won a makeover through Xenos hospitality!  I signed up for a retreat, and because I signed up early, I won a chance to enter for a career makeover.  All I had to do was write an essay telling them why I thought I would be a good candidate, so I did just that.

Before - You can't quite see it here, but my hair is almost down to my waist.

The experience was AMAZING!  I started off with a consultation with Karen Hughes of Image Assets.  We spent the entire day together, and I learned what colours look best on me, the types of clothes I should seek out and the types I should avoid, and lots about skincare and what would be the best type and colour of makeup to wear.

Next, I got started with my empowerment coaching with Beth McKinnon of NowBeth.  I really had no idea what to expect from this coaching - was it going to be some weird new-agey thing that didn't make any sense?  No! It's actually been very helpful.  Beth was able to help me figure out what is important to me, the values that I seek, and then set some goals for various aspects of my life to help incorporate those values.  She's helping me to figure out what I want, and a way to get it.

After that, there was more on the outside - I got my teeth whitened with the ZOOM laser whitening system at Macon Smiles, with Dr. Sheila Shah.  That was... interesting.  I saw some 'during' photos, and I think that if I had seen those earlier, I might have thought twice about getting it done!  But I'm really happy with the result.

I also got a new haircut at Chadwick Hudson Salon.  You know, I had always thought that hair was just hair. It sat on my head, and while I sometimes did pretty things with it, it was mostly just, well, there.  This cut, though... wow.  It's changed how I feel about myself, I think.  I love that I cut off enough hair to be able to donate to Locks of Love - it felt good knowing that someone else could benefit from this wonderful gift I've been given.  Losing more than 10 inches of hair has been a big change, but I love the new cut!  It's been so easy to style and take care of.  I was afraid I'd have to spend a lot more time on it, but I was wrong!  LOVE!  (Have I mentioned how much I love the new cut?  And the colour?)

I got new glasses from Primary Eyecare Associates, too.  While I only really use my glasses to watch movies at the theatre, or to drive at night, it was still fun to go and pick out a new pair.  Their selection was great, too, which made the decision harder!

Finally, I got to have a "Shop Like a Rock Star" party at fab'rik boutique.  That was just all sorts of fun!  It was like playing dress-up, but more grown up.  I picked out a few things that I liked, then the salesperson picked out tons more, based on what I liked, and how things fit me.  I ended up finding way more than I could really afford to buy, but their prices and selection were great, so I know that I'll be back again (and again, and again!)

After - MUCH shorter hair!  And a happier me!  Seriously, couldn't stop grinning that night!

It really has been an amazing experience - I hope you can all go to visit the Xenos website and check out the video as soon as it's up.  I'll let you know when the whole process is available to see.


Cowboy Joe said...

Wow, that is a huge change in hair style. It looks really good on you and the fact that you got to donate the cut off hair is so fantastic. (that's my favorite part of your secret). Way to go. Don't you love it when your writing gets you something? Mine did that tonight too. Nothing as major as yours, but still it felt like a reward for my poetry.

Karen said...

YAY!! I'm glad you won that. And I love the new haircut!