Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Wednesday already?

I should be sleeping
'Stead of keeping
These late hours
I've been keeping

I've been pacing
And retracing
Every step of
Every move

Okay, so those words aren't mine - they're from Emerson Drive's song "I Should Be Sleeping", but they seem very appropriate for my life right now!  I really should be sleeping most nights, but I'm far too wide awake.  Life's getting, well, busy.  And I'm dreaming about work again, which makes my week twice as long!

So instead of reading some sleepy ramblings, I'm going to recommend that, if you're not familiar with Emerson Drive, you go take a look at them, and maybe listen to some of their music.  I like it.


acmeconsulting said...

Great post!!! Short and entertaining; I enjoyed this post!

Nay said...

Had to follow you, fellow writer...I'm not published AT ALL, but hopefully one day...NaNo sounds interesting!

Joe Robinsmith said...

I love their work. Have seen them twice here in Greater Vancouver

Miracoli said...

is this how your brain work?