Sunday, October 26, 2008

Choosing sides

I have learned that if you want to live in Georgia, you have to pick a side eventually.  You know what I'm talking about... UGA or Tech.  There's no in-between.

Given that I really don't give a flying anything about football, especially American college football (I can kinda get into the CFL... kinda), it was hard.  I mean, really, how can I get excited about a team when I don't care about their sport?

But I finally gave in.  I picked a side.

And my reason may be the dumbest reason ever, but, hey, it's my reason.

I picked UGA, because their colours are red and black, and my school colour was red, so I can wear my current clothing and look like I'm supporting them.  I don't think I own anything yellow.

A friend of mine is a big Georgia fan, and for his birthday, I made some accessories with polar fleece (won't specify what yet, because I haven't given it to him yet!), and I had some leftover, so I made a Dawgs blanket for my dawg.  Isn't she adorable?

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colbymarshall said...

I am glad you picked the right side, but I heard you were going to use pink GA stuff...this is a no-no. Because if you use the pink, you loose all the points you got by picking us, lol. Pink GA stuff is the devil; most UGA fans have a "thing" about it. Just fyi...since you're from Canada, thought I'd give you the heads up.