Friday, October 24, 2008

A quiet week

Aside from my good news on Monday, it's been a quiet week.  This is not a bad thing.

Unfortunately, I haven't really been in the mood to blog for the last few days.  In this spirit, I give you the top ten Excuses for Not Blogging:

10:  My dog ate my computer cord.  I swear, my dog eats  everything else (Dammit!  I loved those shoes!!), so why not a power cord?  Shane's cat, Tyler, chews on cords all the time.

9:  I lost my notebook of ideas, and couldn't come up with anything under pressure.  (Of course, this only applies if no one knows that you really work best under pressure.)

8:  I got busy watching TV.  I only get to watch quality television (and by quality, I'm referring as much to picture quality as to content) once a week!  When I get it, I get REALLY into it.

7:  I spent my time online searching the internet for recipes for pulled pork (because I totally forgot everything that Mandy put into hers (except for a little bit of liquid smoke)).

6:  I started to blog, but then got sidetracked as I tried to determine the proper location for a period when also using a parenthetical statement at the end of a sentence.  (Notice that I didn't end that sentence with a parenthetical statement.)

5:  My dog ate my shoes.  Seriously, that distracted me for, like, an entire night!

4:  My dog tried to eat a notebook.  I don't know where she got this taste for paper, but she's munched on notebooks, looseleaf, scrap paper, tissue paper, kleenex... anything paper-related.

3:  I tried to have a life instead of geeking out on the computer.  (Hey, it could happen!)

2:  I was busy carving a pumpkin.  (It's really cute, too!)

And the number one excuse for not blogging:  My internet connection crashed.  Again.  (Does anyone know how to stop it from doing that?  And can you please tell my network admin about it?)


colbymarshall said...

What internet service do you use? The continued interruption business has got me wondering. And stop being a slacker. Rule number 7: no excuses! Play like a champion! (You've seen Wedding Crashers, right?)

Danielle said...

The problem is more due to the fact that I don't have internet coming directly to my apartment - I'm piggybacking off of Shane's internet connection, and there have been hardware issues trying to get the signal over here properly. And it doesn't work when it's raining.