Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas is coming!

Every year, the month of November just disappears for me. *poof* I know it's because of NaNo, and I go into November knowing that it will run away without a second glance. I'm okay with this. Still, somehow, every year, I'm surprised to notice that Christmas is just around the corner.

Luckily, I'm vaguely prepared this year! I made Christmas cards yesterday, and tomorrow I shall write them and address them, and then Monday I shall send them. Woot! And while I am at the post office sending my Christmas cards, I shall also send out some LATE birthday gifts. Of course, since the July and October gifts are just now going out, I give you fair warning that if I am mailing a Christmas present to you, it may not be sent until sometime between February and June. But it will be sent eventually!

I'm hoping to hear soon about whether or not I can borrow a tree, or if I need to go and actually purchase one. I haven't had a big tree since I moved out on my own, and in the last three years, I've actually only had a 2' little tree. This year, though, I have nice ornaments, and I want to hang them. I'm ordering some gift boxes for handmade gifts, and I'll also be using some of them to make a Martha-Stewart-inspired wreath for the door. Because, apparently, I'm all about wreaths. I'll have to get my Halloween wreath photographed before I take it down - it's all jingly and sparkly!

I'm debating what other decorations to put up. The bathroom will be decorated, of course. Even if the rest of the apartment is not decorated for any given holiday, the downstairs bathroom gets decorated. It's just a thing I do. Again, photos will be taken before Halloween stuff comes down, I promise!

Hmm... Looks like I've got a lot of pictures to take. Thank goodness for Picasa!

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