Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pictures working!

Now if I could just figure out an easy way to upload them to my blog...

But here's a start! While in Las Vegas, Mom, Karen, Donna, May and I went to see "Love," the Cirque du Soleil show based on Beatles music.

Holy crap.

It was awesome.

We had considered getting drinks before the show, as the concession stand had a bunch of Beatles' lyric-themed beverages, but we ran out of time. It turns out, this was a GOOD THING. Think about it for a moment, if you will. Beatles music can get kinda trippy. Cirque du Soleil can get very trippy. Mix them together. Can you see why it was a very good thing to be completely sober during the show? As it was, there were definite moments of existential crisis as I watched the four little boys and the four men leading various parades of people around the stage.

And let's not forget the parachute! Do you remember playing with the parachute in gym class when you were a kid? You would all hold onto the edges, and reach up as high as you could, then pull it down and sit on the edges and everyone would be in this huge white tent until it finally deflated. "Love" had a parachute. A parachute on a MASSIVE scale. It came from the centre of the stage and covered the entire audience. Everyone had the same expression - that look of awe and excitement that you used to have when you played with the parachutes in gym class. The yellow submarine was projected onto the parachute, too. Yet another reason I was glad to be sober.

Our seats were incredible - Mom, Karen, and I were at one of the corners of the stage, literally five feet from the stage with no one in front of us. Donna and May were a bit to the side and back about four rows, but still had an awesome view.

I thought that I knew what to expect from Cirque du Soleil. I had seen them on TV and DVDs several times. I was wrong. There was so much going on, all of the time... I could have seen the show a dozen more times and caught something new each and every time.

Some day, when I'm rich, I'm going to go to Las Vegas for a Cirque tour. I'll go to every Cirque du Soleil show that's playing - there are enough to fill at least a week, I would think! "Love," "O," "Ka," "Zumanity," and "Mystere" are currently there, and once the newest casino complex opens, there is a new one, based on Elvis's music, scheduled to start. I'm already starting to save. :)
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