Sunday, November 8, 2009

A story to be told

*This is from the IME*

Once upon a time, there was a story that wanted to be told. It was a picky story, though, and it didn't want to be told by just anyone. It wanted a good story-teller. It wanted someone who would make it sound fun and exciting! It wanted someone who would be able to share it with the whole world! So the story floated around, watching for that special someone, the someone to bring it to life. It found adventure writers who might make it sound fun and exciting. It found popular writers who might be able to share it with the whole world. Still, the story wasn't happy with any of these choices...

So the story kept on looking, until one day, if cound a special someone. She wasn't a famous novelist. She wasn't a journalist. She had never taken an English course after high school. None of that mattered, though, because the story knew she would be the perfect one to tell it. So the story stopped floating around, and climbed into the special someone's head. Her eyes lit up. Picking up her needles and a new ball of yarn, the special someone began knitting the story. It was now a very happy story.

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