Friday, December 4, 2009

Cards, check!

I finished writing out and addressing my last Christmas card tonight, and I should have them all in the mail tomorrow. Yay! I'm all proud of myself - usually it's much later in the season before I even start making the cards.

I also took Mia to get her nails trimmed today... that's always fun. Richard came along to help, but ended up getting a bit banged around by the overly-anxious dog. She did much better in the car when sitting in his lap, though. Usually, she spends the entire ride whining. Today, she talked a little, but didn't cry. I think she's forgiven us, though, because she got a pile of new treats when we got back home. There's a reason I try to avoid PetSmart...

In other news, I'm heading downstairs to clean up, since the Mooselings are heading over to party tomorrow - should be much fun!

Also, on row 28 of part two of Karen's present, still on ball 2 of AH's present.

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