Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Crazy weather

It seems appropriate that it stormed like crazy today. My mood is still... cloudy.

Coming home, the sky opened up. The rain started lightly, but with large drops. The thunder and lightning, though, were quite impressive. The whole sky lit up so brightly that it was hard to see in the dark once it faded. My car shook every time the thunder followed.

Suddenly, it was as if someone had turned on a shower. The large but light drops suddenly came down all at once, heavy and hard. The road in front of me was a river, and the heat trapped beneath the asphalt created a swirling fog across the surface. The rain got harder still, and suddenly I couldn't see the road, much less the centre line. If I hadn't driven that stretch of road hundreds of times, I would have driven off the side of it. As it was, it was as much instinct as anything else that got me home.

Once there, I couldn't manage to do anything but sit inside my car and stare at the rain for a few minutes, thanking God for getting me home.

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