Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Creative, but not story-like

I was more productively and somewhat less interactively creative tonight! But I did not write. Instead, I spent a crapload of time playing with my Crikut and making a birthday card for my little sister (hi, Karen!).

However, I did spend a lot of time thinking about my NaNo plot for this year. I've got my main character, and a secondary character who is really more of a second MC than a truly secondary character. The secondary one has part of a name - Aebli. I can't decide though, if she's going to be Sara Aebli or Aebli Morgan. I need to work on her a bit more before I can tell. In either case, the MC will call her Aebli. It's going to be a pseudo-mystery, with much comedy thrown in. We'll see how it goes - totally outside of my usual genre!

But I'm getting all pumped about it, so yay!

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Kevin Atteridg said...

Well, as long as some creativity is flowing, that's still good! :)