Friday, September 25, 2009

Sick computer

I am tired of computers getting sick. Well, I'm tired of things being sick in general. At least computers don't vomit in my bed...

But my poor desktop has been unhappy for quite some time. Recently, it confessed - it had a 'dirty volume!' Horror of horrors! Does that mean that my computer has been secretly downloading things and hiding them? No, it just means I need to get her fixed. *sigh*

And my poor laptop... I killed her battery, apparently. I left her plugged in so she could charge, but she won't hold it. Wouldn't even turn on! Poor gal... But that should be an easy fix, I think. Of course, every time David goes to open a video, she shuts down, so that's problematic, too...

I'm waiting for my iPod and my phone to gang up on me. If I'm not careful, I'll be stuck trying to blog on the Wii... until that explodes.

Please, technology, don't give up on me! I promise, I'll treat you right!

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