Monday, September 7, 2009

Long weekend

I went out of town this weekend. I went to St. Augustine and spent four days in a condo with four of my best friends. Guess what? We didn't kill each other! We didn't scream at each other, and we came out of it just as close as when we went in, if not closer! How cool is that?

There are many stories to tell - the near-drowning and acquisition of Jack and Rose, the ridonculously-shaped sunburns, the kick-ass sand dragon (which ties in with the ridonculously-shaped burns), the matching shirts, the roller coaster - but they will wait. Why?

Because it's quarter to twelve and I just got home and I have to work tomorrow morning! But I promise, you will hear these stories and see photos (because the kick-ass sand dragon kicks ass!).

Just not tonight.

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