Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fiction, because I said I would.

Carrie was wet. Soggy, dripping, uncomfortably wet. Her shoes squelched. Her sweater clung to her body. Her jeans were plastered to her legs. The single braid of long, dark hair dripped like a faucet. It was awesome.

She grinned, looking over at her friends. They, too, looked like wet dogs, and more than a little pleased with themselves.

"Here you go," said the responsible one, Sarah, as she handed out towels. Carrie took hers and wiped the water from her face, but the smile remained.

"We should totally do that again," Carrie said, kicking off her shoes. "That was amazing."

"Definitely," Aaron agreed. "And it was the perfect weather for it, too."

Sarah rolled her eyes.

"And maybe we can talk Sarah into joining us next time," Carrie added.

"I don't think so," Sarah replied. "Jumping into a pool, fully clothed, is not my idea of a good time."

Aaron looked at Carrie, wiggling his eyebrows. "Maybe we should prove her wrong."

"No way!" Sarah shrieked, running across the yard as the other two started after her. Luckily, she wasn't hindered by wet clothes, and made it into the house before they caught up, locking the door behind her. "Nice try," she said through the glass.

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